Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis Mill) Leaf Extract : A Potential Rooting and Shooting Phytohormone on Stem-Cutting Propagation of Cacao (Theobroma cacao)

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John Rou Z. Guinitaran Compostela Valley State College, Compostela, Compostela Valley Province 8803 ABSTRACT Seed propagation is considered as time consuming way of propagating cacao in the Philippines, it takes long period of time to bear fruits and plants raised through seeds have long juvenile period. Vegetative propagation is a key step, playing an important role in the successful cacao production and the use of phytohormones can increase the rooting and shooting capacity of cuttings. Previous published research significantly showed that aloe vera leaf extract has salicylic acid that helps increased the plant height and weight, number of shoots, leaves and roots, and the root length, as well as mineral concentrations. In this experiment, we will investigate if the salicylic acid from aloe vera extract would have a promising effect on the root and shoot elongation on stem-cutting propagated cacao. This study is carried out to fast track the cacao production in the country in a way of using cost-effective and simplest type of vegetative propagation, exploiting natural rooting and shooting phytohormone or in short promoting organic farming, reducing detrimental effects of synthetic phytohormone in human being and saving time, effort and money as well.